We are working in cooperation with Comev Spa, an Italian company that design and manufacture a wide range mainly flatbed quality lathes both conventional and CNC.

We are selling the Comev lathes, in the UK where we have the sole agency for their complete range, as well as in other identified markets. These are Quality lathes 100% designed and built in Italy.

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Manual lathes 360 mm to 1,400 mm swing from 800 mm to 12 metres between centres.

Both geared head and variable speed versions available.

CNC lathes 420 mm to 1,400 mm swing from 950 mm to 12 metres between centres. “Manual Mode” of operation is available on these lathes for sensitive repair work and when auto programme operation is not practical.


Comev have built some 8,000 lathes over the last 50 years and is well established with a highly skilled workforce guaranteeing machines that will provide accuracy, reliability and long lasting service.

Comev’s design facility ensures conformity to all relevant international standards and enables machines to be customised to suit customers needs.


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